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My new web site is now airborne. For some reason I thought that I would be happy without having a web site, who was I kidding? Having gotten rid of my old site I felt, right from day one, somewhat incomplete. So happy to have a sparkling new and

easy to manage website again.

It is my plan, but only my plan, to have this page and this blog, be the front of my workshop. I invite all who has an interest in my work and violin making as a whole, to browse the pages of the site. Sit back and watch the videos, or to read and hopefully comment on this blog.

I am also very happy to receive suggestions and recommendations on topics to feature, so let the inspiration come to you and let me know.

The image on the right, is from my recent visit to my workshop in Hokkaido. I enjoy escaping to the solitude and quiet of our small forest up there once in a while, to recharge the batteries and to focus on the planning of new projects.

In the pipeline is a series of Guarneri "Del Gesu" violins, that I have been wanting to make for quite some time now. The image is the result of playing around with a pile of off cuts, from making templates and forms, for this new project.

This should start of the blog. Please bear with me, as I am new to this and bound to make some really bad mistakes, with a bit of patience, a positive attitude and a smile, we will all end up having a good time.

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