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Violin Maker Per Ovesen
Violin Maker
Per S. Ovesen

I was born in Copenhagen in 1960.

I completed my training as a violin maker at the internationally acclaimed "Newark School of Violin Making", in England. 

Before graduating in 1986, I was awarded a Certificate of Distinction for Tonal Qualities in the cello category of the "Facta Britanica" competitions.

From the Newark School I joined the distinguished firm of J.P.Guivier in London, followed by 5 years in Japan as the workshop manager of a leading Japanese company.

During my time in Japan, I worked closely with numerous string players from all the major symphony orchestras, as well as free-lance professionals, servicing task ranging from minor repairs and sound adjustments to major restoration work.

In June 2004 I relocated my workshop to Singapore, where I now focus my attention on the making of new violins, violas and cellos.

My instruments has so far reached locations as diverse as Denmark,  UK, U.S.A., Japan, Taiwan, China and Australia.

Inspired by the classical Italian tradition, I fashion my instruments in both, detailed reproductions and standard versions.

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